Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm slowly changing the look of the blog. I need to find out a new name for it, but nothing is coming to me. I know that Aidan will help me pick the right title.

I also wanted to say something that I've said so many times the past week. Thank you, thank you for the love, thank you for the support and thank you for loving Aidan. I know most of you never got to meet my handsome little boy, but that didn't matter. You still loved him and I appreciate that so much.

I'm having a very good night tonight because I've spent so much time tonight talking about my favorite subject, Aidan. I love talking about him and I can't wait for the day when I have a few bad moments, but a lot of great hours of the day. I know that talking about Aidan will help that.

I love you Aidan Christopher



  1. I can tell you from fresh personal experience that there will be days that the sad moments are many, and others that they are very sparse. Some days you will get joy from talking about your little one, and others it will break your heart to even think his name. *hugs* All I can recommend is.. say what you want or need to say, and don't worry if it might make someone uncomfortable.

  2. you have been in my prayers daily. my heart aches for you and your family. Aidan is such a loved little boy. He has made an impact on so many.