Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

From my pumpkins to yours

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander!


Sunday, October 23, 2011


In my last post I said that Lucas is babbling more. Besides babbling more, he is also squealing more. Make sure that your volume is on.

8 months

Age: 8 months

Weight/Length: No clue. I'm thinking around 16-17lbs and 26 ish inches.

Size: I have him mostly in 3-6m clothes. He may be moving to 6m sleepers soon

Teeth: Still none

Sleeping: He loves it. He sleeps through the night and takes lots of naps

Eating: Lots. Still 30oz of milk/formula mixture and 3 pouches of food. The pouches are amazing. He loves anything by Plum. He currently is trying broccoli apple and is devouring it!

Movement: Still no crawling, but is getting closer. His rolling is a lot better

Milestones: He's pulling himself up and can stand unassisted for like 2 seconds

Favorite Toys: He loves his remote and football

Dislikes: nothing really. Wait, he hates when I have to get boogers out of his nose. lol

Words/sounds: He has started babbling a lot more. It sounds like he has said "hi dada", "Hey guys" (heard and commented by Stephanie) and "yeah" Very cute!
 The pictures in his room are getting difficult because now he can see out the window

I love you Lucas Alexander!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pregnancy and infant loss awareness day

I woke up this morning thinking about my Aidster, just like I do every morning. Then I thought about the stat "1 in 4". 1 in 4 women have their lives turned upside down by a miscarriage, late pregnancy loss or infant death after live birth. 1 in Now are you ready for this statistic? My mom lost twins in between my sister and I. I lost Aidan and my sister lost a pregnancy in July that was ectopic. 1 in 4? Not for my family.

I love you Aidan Christopher
We will be out tonight at 7 so I took my picture early. A candle for Aidan. A candle for my brothers and my niece Selah. A candle for all the babies who have left us far too soon. Love you all!
Aidan Christopher,
Not a days go by that I don't wish you were still here with us. I love you baby boy.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Best friends

Yesterday we took Lucas to go visit our friends Scott and Erin. Their daughter, Cameron, is 2 months older than Lucas. They are really starting to interact with each other.
Still not sure about what's going on
Lucas then heard the camera and quickly struck a pose

The kids had a good time playing and we had a good time hanging out watching movies.

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander


Saturday, October 8, 2011

5 years and 1 day ago

Happy 5th Anniversary to my best friend. Our marriage has been through a lot the past 2 years. I always knew we'd make it to our 5th anniversary, I just never expected the trials and tribulations we would have to go through to get here. I adore you as much as I did the day you walked into CVS and we started working together. I will never forget how you asked for my phone number. He took my keys, locked them in the high dollar lock box and wouldn't give them back until I gave him my number. I'll never forget the night we hung out for the first time. We went to go see Planet of the Apes. I had to leave during the movie because my dad wouldn't let me stay out past curfew. There are so many memories that I will never forget because they brought us to where we are today. I love you Chris.

We "enjoyed" our anniversary by hanging out at the hospital. Chris's dad had to have another stent (happy dad? I spelled it correctly) in so we both took the day off to watch Lucas and to be at the hospital. We then went out to a fancy dinner where Lucas was perfectly content just sitting in his car seat playing with his toys. Chris pre-ordered an iPhone 4S for me (I need a new phone so perfect timing) and I got him a new Browns jersey.

Chris you are an amazing man, husband and father. 5 years (and 1 day) ago, you made me the luckiest lady. I love you and here's to another 60 years


Ps. I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander. You boys have such an amazing daddy who loves you both very much.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

7 months

Age: 7 months

Weight: Probably around 14.5/15 lbs

Length: Probably around 26in

Size: He's still mostly in 3m clothes and 3-6m sleepers. I've decided to graduate him out of the 3m clothes.

Teeth: Still none

Sleeping: He loves it. He sleeps through the night and takes lots of naps

Eating: He's eating about 18 oz of breast milk mixed with 12 oz of formula to get 30 oz. He seems to be handling the formula just fine. He also eats 3 jars of food. He loves fruits and likes squash mixed with sweet potatoes.

Movement: He'll roll to where he wants to go, but no crawling yet

Milestones: He occasionally claps and will hold his bottle. He prefers to be fed his bottle, but will hold it if we stop.

Favorite Toys: Sophie, binkie, Mr. Chewy), Mr. Fuzzy and his hands/feet. Oh and Snoopy. He loves to watch Snoopy walk around.

Dislikes: going in his car seat

He loves to babble and he has an adorable belly laugh

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's been awhile

I keep wanting to write here and then I forget. I will usually have like 4 things I want to talk about but I don't want to post all at once. My mom gave me a hard time last night for not writing more often so here goes. :-)

Well I'm not writing, but posting pictures. You don't really care what I write anymore as long as there are pictures, right? I know that's not true, but I've got nothing to say (at this time. :-))
 This kid is so happy when he wakes up

My little Colts fan
Lucas helping daddy shred papers

He loves to stand and is now pulling himself up when we hold his hands

Yes, I have a lot of Colts stuff for him. Baby blue eyes trying apples,strawberries and bananas. They were a big hit.

Tomorrow night, Katie Destry, will be taking our family pictures. I'll post those when I get them.

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander