Monday, June 27, 2011

1 year ago

June 27,2010
This picture was taken a few weeks ago, but he hasn't changed much.

I can't believe that it's been a year since we found out that I was pregnant with Mr. Lucas. It has been a stressful, anxiety filled,fun, memorable year. Between grieving Aidan and excitement for "Nugget's" arrival it was a difficult year to know how I was feeling. I still cry often for Aidan. I wish he were here playing with his little brother and being a good helper for me, but he's not. Well he is, but I can't see him. I know Lucas can though. 

I love you Aidan Christopher
I love you Lucas Alexander and I look forward to see how you change in the next year.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 months

Age: 4 is this possible?

Weight: I'm guessing around 12 or 13 lbs, but we'll find out next Tuesday

Length: Guessing around 23 in. Again will find out next Tuesday

Size: Some 0-3, but mostly 3 months.

Teeth: none, but he is teething

Sleeping: I love him for this... he's been sleeping 8p-6am. On the weekends he usually takes about 2 30 minute naps and 1 hour long nap

Eating: He's eating about 24oz of breastmilk. I'm only pumping for him. We're going to start him on rice cereal soon

Movement: He can inch worm himself across the room. He rolls from his belly to his back and sometimes will roll to his belly.

Milestones: I can't think of anything. He's right on track with other babies his age though

Favorite Toys: Sophie and his binkie
Dislikes: Diaper changes and burps.I have to keep reminding him that he's a boy and boys like to burp. lol
Words/sounds: He talks a lot! He has started squealing when something excites him.

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to the best daddy!

Aidan, Snoopy and Lucas love you so much

And of course, Happy Father's day to my daddy

I love you Daddy


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Man I love this little boy who is looking less and less like me and more like his daddy.

 How is my child almost 4 months old?

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander

Saturday, June 4, 2011

3 months

Yeah, when I first posted this I hit save instead of publish post.


Age: 3 months

Weight: 9 lbs 14 oz

Length: 22 1/2 

Size: 0-3 onsies and 3 month sleepers

Teeth: He's teething, but no teeth

Sleeping: He's an amazing night sleeper. I've been giving him a bottle at night so he usually sleeps from 9pm-3am and then back up at 6:30 for his feeding before going to Gma's

Eating: He eats about 3 oz when I breastfeed him, which is only one time at night and a few times on the weekend. He eats 3-4 4oz bottles at Gma's. The 4 oz bottles are keeping him fuller longer. It's kind of back firing since he has started waking up more to make up for the lack of meals during the day.

Movement: He loves sitting in his bumbo and sitting on our laps. He likes to be outward facing in his Baby Bjorn and "sitting" on my hip when I'm standing up holding him.

Milestones: His smiles are a lot more on purpose. He's starting to hold his binkie more and chewing on his hands
Favorite Toys: He loves Sophie
Dislikes: Diaper changes, burping and being put in the car seat
Words/sounds: This boy talks a ton. He is my child after all. 

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander