Friday, November 22, 2013

Meet Jelly

Alexis Marie 
12:49 PM
6 lbs 8 oz 19 in
Our last picture as a family of 3

I woke up bright and early Monday morning. Just had to wait for the rest of the house to get up. Finally everyone was up and everyone ate while I made sure I had everything I needed. 

 Lucas had his backpack full of things to keep him occupied during the surgery. Ignore the fact the bag is almost bigger than him.
 Visiting Aidan before going to the hospital. Both boys got a balloon for being the big brothers.

My last belly picture
Time for the little boy (and the rest of the family) to go to the waiting room.
 I watched the entire surgery. I could see the reflection in the light. It was amazing to be able to watch her come out.

She's here! Alexis Marie has arrived safely!

I was able to do skin to skin with her in the OR while being stiched up. One of my favorite LC's was in the OR (along with some of my other favorite people)to get Alexis on me right away.
 Lucas was our visitor. I wanted him back to me as soon as I was able to have visitors. Then the rest of the family came back to meet Alexis. 
I'm nursing Alexis and it's been tough. She was content with essentially starving herself so she could sleep. After slow gain and a week of no gain I just pumped. Then when she was 2 months old I decided to see if she'd latch and well the rest is history. I nurse her when I get home from work and occasionally before bed. She takes a bottle wonderfully, which is good since she stays with grandma during the day.

 From her newborn pictures


And now our princess is almost 3 months old. Sigh... it goes so fast

I love you Aidan Christopher, Lucas Alexander and Alexis Marie

Feel like writing again

I read a blog post about writing everything down so when the kid grows up, she'll remember everything. This got me to thinking that I need to write things down. 

A lot has changed since I last wrote on April 27. Long story short. We sold our house, lived with my parents for 3 weeks, had a baby (she'll get her own post later) and moved into our forever house.

Longer version:

After doing some changes to our house, installing a new back door and putting down laminate hardwood we decided to put our house on the market. We had a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath 1300 sq ft house. So space was tight already and with a baby on the way we decided it was time. We packed up half the house, met with our realtor and put that bad boy on the market. Then we waited, we had 21 showings and one day before the 1 month mark we got an offer. We accepted the offer so it was time to start looking. We looked at a lot of houses and was thisclose to just settling. I mean I was 8 months pregnant, I was getting desperate. We went to one last house before putting an offer on another house. Walked in and knew right that minute it was the one. Then we saw the rest of the house and I said "that's it, I'm home." We put the offer in that night and the scheduled closing date was 3 DAYS before my scheduled c-section. Yeah, we were crazy. We moved in with my parents for 3 weeks. That was a curse and a blessing. I was 9 months pregnant and wanted my space, but had none. Plus I'm not the nicest person when I'm at the end of pregnancy. Add in hot summer and it's a shock that my parents didn't kick us out. It was, however, awesome because they would keep Lucas entertained, we always had a hot home cooked meal when we got home from work and my mom bought me as much watermelon as I could eat (which was a lot). 
The week of our closing was awful! The guy in charge of the appraisal just sat on the paperwork so that delayed our closing. We were no longer on schedule to move into the house before the baby arrived. I felt lost. I didn't have my own home like I was supposed to and the details were up in the air. Finally the closing got rescheduled for Wednesday. Again I had a baby on MONDAY and closing on Wednesday. SURPRISE that didn't happen. The owner said she wasn't ready and closing needed to be Thursday. So the title company sent a rep to my hospital room so I could sign the documents, then took the documents to the closing and we finally had our house. Chris had to scramble to get everything from my parent's house to our house before getting us. Baby and I sat on the couch while Chris' family moved most of our stuff in. We slept in the dinning room on my parent's guest bed and Lucas slept in the living room in his bed. It was crazy. If I had to do it over again...I would have been calling the appraiser!

Our new house is wonderful. We now have 4 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths a loft, office,dinning room and an amazing kitchen/living room area with 3100 sq ft. The backyard is huge and fully fenced which Snoopy loves! I'm so happy to be home.

Next up...Baby gets her post!

I love you Aidan Christopher, Lucas Alexander and Jelly