Friday, February 26, 2010

Got a call from Dr. B

Dr. B called Dr H. (The NICU pediatrician) and the preliminary autopsy came back.  Once again we got no new information. The bleed and the "profound" anemia are what caused Aidan to pass, which we already knew. If Dr. B gets anymore information before our next appointment on the 16th she'll give me a call.

It sucks that we're getting the answer of it was a fluke or just happened because that doesn't give us a plan for the next pregnancy.... I can't pop a pill to keep the blood flowing in my cord. I'm just so terrified to try again, but my desire to be a mom and to have a baby very much outweighs that fear. Plus I have my little man watching over me.

I love you Aidan Christopher



  1. Someone posted once.. something like "When the hope outweighs the fear then you're ready to try again". Not that you guys are READY to try again just yet, I just wanted to say that I think its great that you guys are already heading in that direction and thinking about your next pregnancy. I wish we were able to do that right now!

  2. Stumbled on here from the bump msg board. That is all we know of our little boy too. He had very bad anemia and ended up passing from a brain bleed. We are supposed to get the full report Monday but I fear we will here the same thing. Just a fluke. I pray they can give us a plan for next time. I am like you. I am very scared that it will happen again but we are lucky moms to have such angels watching over us!

  3. I'm sorry, Maggie. I wish they were able to give you more information than that. We're all praying that when you're ready to try again that everything goes smoothly for you.