Thursday, April 15, 2010


That doesn't even really express my true feelings.  Last week I challenged everyone to help Team Aidan Christopher raise $500 more for the March for Babies.  I set the goal for $ 3,000 and with 10 days until the March we are at $3,400. We have raised almost $1,000 in 7 days!!!

Thank you all so much. Because we have raised this much money, Team Aidan Christopher is the top team in Central Indiana above $1,000. We have been the top team for the past 3 weeks.  I love the fact that all team leaders who get the newsletter have seen my baby's name for 3 weeks in a row. They will also see us when we show up for the March with 17 walkers wearing Aidan's name!

I love you Aidan Christopher


  1. I am walking for you, and the other BOTB babies that were taken too soon. Thinking of you this saturday.

  2. What a tremendous was to honor precious Aiden!! Way to go!

  3. Can't wait to wear Aidan's name in Tacoma in a few weeks!