Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Dear Aidan,

Hi baby boy. Today is Easter and you get to spend it with the star of the show! Mommy, daddy and momo are going to church today and we're going to celebrate Easter and we're going to celebrate YOU! I wish you were still in the NICU because I would have decorated your crib with eggs and bunnies. I would have told you all about Easter and we would have had lots of story time.  Momo made you an Easter basket and it's very cute. I told her that your favorite candy is Cadbury creme eggs.  I'm not sure why, but mommy has been eating a lot of those lately. After we get done with church we're going to come visit you. I'm glad that I have a place to go and visit you! I promise that we'll always come to visit.

I love you so much Aidan Christopher! Have a great Easter baby

Love you,


  1. Star of the show was the best way to put it! I used your wording too! Lots of love to you guys, wish our babies were here with us on this Easter.
    Enjoy your day in memory of your baby boy :)

  2. Enjoy your visit with Aidan today, Maggie :)

  3. What a beautiful letter to your beautiful angel. Happy Easter, Maggie.