Saturday, April 10, 2010

Final autopsy report

Dr. B said that we didn’t learn anything new from it. Again, that wasn’t the point of getting the autopsy done. I wanted it done so the doctor’s could possible find a way to prevent the bleeding in the future. Dr. B used a big word that starts with an N that means that he had dead tissue in his brain.  I’m assuming that it means it died before he did because…well…wouldn’t it all be dead after he passed? Anyway, I was going to google that word so I could sound smart on here. The first search result came up as how to perform infant autopsy.  Chris made me put the lap top away because he knows me and I totally would have clicked on the link.  My mom knows what the word is so hopefully she’ll make a comment on here so I can edit the post. :-) Thanks Stephanie and mom. The word is Necrosis

ETA: I forgot that she did say that there were no abnormalities with his chromosomes.  She did then say that since Aidan is such a cutie that we know all of our babies will be cute. :-)

I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I love Dr. B! She is huge in my support system and it’s rare to find that in a doctor. She checked on me and wanted to find out how I’m doing emotionally. I have to see a specialist because of one of my test results came back positive and Dr. B said that she’ll give me a call with the results to explain how it may affect future pregnancies.
I love you Aidan Christopher!


  1. Necrotized tissue?
    I'm sorry it didn't give you many additional answers, but hopefully you have some peace. Much love!

  2. I'm so glad that your doctor cares about you as a person and not just a number and that she has been able to help you out as much as she has. :)

  3. "Necrosis"

    Mom the Magnificent

  4. it's great that you have a supportive and awesome doctor. i wish it could have given you more answers to your questions... but i hope that it will help you in your journey nonetheless.

    you have been such an encouragement to everyone reading... thank you so much for sharing your family's story.