Sunday, March 14, 2010

Huge step

So I've been saying how pregnant woman and babies don't bother me.  Well, my friends who are pregnant or have babies don't bother me. Strangers, that's a different story. Aaron and Jen were kind enough to have their little Logan on Thursday, instead of this coming Tuesday since we share both see Dr. B. I was going to go with some co-workers to visit them in the hospital. They wanted to go after work and I had plans so instead I went alone during lunch.  A lot of people didn't want me going alone, but I needed to. I knew that if I started to cry that Aaron and Jen would understand. Yes I know that everyone understands when I cry, but once again I was over thinking the scenario. 

As I drove to the hospital I was fine. Pressing the button for the 4th floor was a little difficult to press, but my room was on the 5th floor so it wasn't too bad. There was a family in the waiting room with lots of balloons, presents and lots of smiles. I soooo wish that my family could have felt that. Instead we felt fear for Aidan being born so early. We felt joy that his first night he was doing well, but that fear was right behind the joy.

Aaron came out to get me and we walked back to the room.  As soon as I walked into the room and saw little Logan, my heart just melted. Seeing him did let me know that I am okay seeing my friend's babies. I know because of my experience that having a healthy baby is such a miracle and I will never take for granted any future pregnancies. Not that I did with Aidan, but you know what I mean. At first I didn't want to hold Logan because the last newborn baby I held was Aidan. I'm so glad I did hold him though.  I know that I will be a mom to a healthy baby and I will get to hold my own newborn baby some day. 

Jen and I traded war stories and laughed about how calm and cool our ob is. I gave her some tips that I learned from my few days of being a mom. It was great to see their perfect little family and it was so therapeutic for me. Thank you guys so much for supporting me, praying for us and for letting me come visit. I wish you 3 nothing but the best. I can't wait to hear about and see Logan grow up. Congratulations again!

I love you Aidan Christopher!



  1. I'm so glad that things went well :)

  2. Now that im over the heart attack from you going alone ( im never taking time off work again) Im super glad it went well...
    And you never have to worry about crying or anything you feel like doing at the time!
    Love ya!
    Donna D

  3. I'm glad that things went well and you were able to do this.