Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day-A day late


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Mommy's family is very Irish so we love St. Patty's day.  The first thing that momo bought you when you were born was this from Kohls.

When I first got pregnant with you I told your daddy that it would be weird to not drink this year. I was very happy to not drink, but it would be weird. Well I did have a drink last night buddy and it was very bitter sweet. Mommy and daddy went out and met up with friends for a couple of hours. We had an okay time sweetie, but it made me miss you a lot!  I would rather have been visiting you in the NICU and making sure that your goggles were green. I wouldn't want anyone to pinch you. :-) 

Instead I visited you at the cemetary. Momo bought a pot of shamrocks and an angel holding a froggy and dropped it off earlier in the day and I wanted to see them. I wish I would have thought to bring the bib with me to put on the angel, but that's okay. Soon we'll be decorating the area for Easter. 

I love you and miss you so much Aidan Christopher.



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  2. Oh, Maggie~ I thank God every day that we had our precious Aidan Christpher for those 8 days. We can't hold him in our arms, but we can hold him in our hearts. I was so glad to hear that you went out for a little bit last night. St. Paddy's is important to us & remember...Aidan would never want his folks to miss a chance to celebrate the Irish.

  3. Maggie,
    What a beautiful letter to your son. ((BIG HUGS))