Sunday, March 7, 2010


Tomorrow is the beginning of a new Maggie.  I'm overweight and I want that to change. I want to be healthy before my next pregnancy and I have at least 5 months to change.  I'm going to start slowly or else I will give up quickly.  I can't exercise yet so Chris and I have taken short walks around the neighborhood. Because of the recovery from the surgery my back gets sore very quickly. On top of that recovery time is usually 8 weeks and I'm going back to work at 5. So needless to say, it will be awhile before I can start exercising more.

Here's my plan:
1. Drink mostly water or milk
2. Have 1 soda a day to slowly work at no soda
3. Take a 10 minute walk before work and a 20 minute walk at lunch
4. Only eat out for lunch 1 or 2 times a week.
5. I would like to lose 10-15 lbs by August. More would be great, but I don't want to set anything too high.

I know it sounds easy, but it hasn't been for me. Now when I don't want to get up and walk in the morning I will look over at Aidan's picture to remind me that I need to do this. I need to do this for me and I need to do this for future babies. I know that Aidan's passing was not my fault, but I have to make sure that I'm healthy to carry a baby closer to full term. I plan on taking a before picture tonight and then on August 7th I will take an after picture. I'll be blogging about how how I'm doing, but I won't focus on it.

I love you Aidan Christopher!


PS. I'm finally starting to get a little more comfortable with the idea of posting some of Aidan's pictures.  Here's Aidan during tummy time


  1. I think you have some great goals! Very reasonable, you're definitely going to succeed :)

  2. He looks so precious, Maggs. I can't wait to eventually see more.

    I'm working on the weight loss thing too, and you're right... it's NOT easy. I was so angry for a while that I had all this "baby weight" and no baby at home to show for it. I think your goals sound very attainable and I know you can do it!

  3. I think you have set some very reachable goals! I'm definitely not saying they'll be easy, but I'm sure you'll succeed! It's good to start slowly and work your way up. You'll stay more motivated that way and you won't burn yourself out :) I love that picture of Aidan!

  4. You are still an amazing person. Now we can work out together. I've started about three weeks going to a local gym. I want to lose about 20 pounds. I've been currently going about 3 days a week but want to do more. I've only lost 1 pound so far. And I really need some encouragement from somewhere.

    Keep it up! You're doing great.

  5. Awesome goal maggie! and what an unbelievable picture of your little man. i absolutely love it.