Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There really is a baby in there

We went over some questions that I had and then she put the doppler to my tummy. She found wiggles hear beat right away. I asked if that was it because I remember going to my sister's appointments and they would listen to her heart beat first and then listening to Abbey's. Wiggle's heart rate was 168 so a little lower then last time. Dr. B also said that I'm measuring right on time. I've lost 2 lbs which is fine because of my starting size and because I'm eating healthier and getting more exercise. I go back again on 11/9 and then my appointment after that is when we find out what we're having!

I also told everyone at work today. I got a lot of hugs and congrats and even a "I'm going to be a grandma". While I'm terribly excited I'm also hurting. Someone who I consider to be a close friend had a loss back in April. She has known from the second day that I'm pregnant, but today was especially hard on her. I know there is nothing that I did or can do, but I'm so sad that I "made" her cry. I know that she is not upset with me, but her heart hurts for her lost baby. If you could keep my friend in your prayers I would appreciate it.

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