Monday, October 5, 2009

Less than 200 days!!!

I can't believe that when we found out we had this....

And now we have this .....
I can now feel my uterous, thanks to Michelle for telling me how to find it, and it's amazing! Wednesday is our anniversary and this may be the only one that I won't be toasting with a drink and I love it! Chris asked if we're doing presents and I said no. Mainly because I forgot to buy him something and he comes back with "Good, I already gave you your present" and then pointed to my belly. He doesn't know, but I did get him something. I'm just really bad at keeping secrets so I told him I forgot. :-)
We've got our next doctor's appointment next Tuesday. Hopefully we'll get to hear wiggle on the doppler. We decided not to do any genetic testing. It won't change what we do and there is too high a risk of false positives. No point in getting worried over something I can't change.
11 wks 4d or 199 days to go. :-)

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