Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pack n Play

At work we are raising money to help my co-worker's family for Christmas. He's been in the hospital since July 21st and we decided to adopt his family so his kids could have a nice Christmas.

We had a salvage sale, basically if we (moving company) damaged or forgot to bring an item and we've already reimbursed the customer we hold on to it. Every few years if there are items that are salvageable we have a sale for the employees. Well to help raise money we decided to have another sale. * Again, the customer was already reimbursed for the item.*

Anyway there was a nice pack n play. There are 2 other woman pregnant at work so I was nervous if I would should bid on it and for how much. I ended up being the only person who bid on it and ended up saving about $75 for a perfectly good PnP to live at my parent's house. Here are some pictures of it and I needed something to do with my stuffed animals, so I put them in there. :-)

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