Thursday, November 25, 2010

So Thankful

Woah, 2 posts in 1 day. :-)

Here's my list in no particular order
  • Family
  • friends
  • my job
  • Chris's job
  • the girls on my message boards
  • Nugget (right now he's kicking the snot out of me and I love it!)
  • Aidan Christopher
  • Snoopy and all the other pets in our lives
  • our health
  • support group
  • my amazing support system
  • all the strong, beautiful baby loss moms that I've met
  • the men and women serving and protecting us
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you all have something to be thankful for even if it's a difficult time.

I love you Aidan Christopher and Nugget



  1. Don't forget chocolate :) & vodka soaked gummy bears on new years eve!
    I love you sweetie!! Happy Turkey Day

  2. You're right...there is so much to be thankful for, despite the pain that always hovers under the surface. Happy Thanksgiving!