Tuesday, November 23, 2010

25 week appointment

If you are on the message board that I post on this directly from that...

We're at the point where my cord started to fail with Aidan. At this point my body was failing him and I had no idea. I felt fantastic, my belly was growing and I thought everything was perfect. So yeah I had a lot of anxiety going into this appointment.

Nugget is doing great and my cord is working perfectly. He's head down, measuring a few days ahead and weighing in at 1lb 13oz. He grew 8 oz in 2 weeks. He has Aidan's nose. He took a practice breath and was "talking"/moving his mouth.

When we saw and heard the blood flow through the cord I started crying because of how wonderful it was. I also cried when I heard that his rate was 140. Aidan's hb was 140 the day he was born. Dr B told me to lay down so we could listen again. He was awake at that point so it was 158. She said she could tell I was anxious by my bp and said that if I want to come in every day for the next two weeks to listen to the heartbeat it's fine with her. I won't take up that offer, but she really helped calm me down.

My mom came with me to the appointment and she was in love. I don't think she'll let Chris go to anymore of them. In 2 weeks I have the gestational diabetes test, which also kind of freaked me out since I took that the morning that Aidan was born. I have to be honest, I'm going to be glad if I make it past all these "milestones"

25w2d with my chunky man measuring 25w5d


  1. Glad that everything looked great. You WILL make it past those milestones! I am praying for you and Nugget. ((hugs))

  2. Yay! What a great appointment! It will all go wonderfully. :)

  3. One day at a time... This must be so hard. I'm glad that all is well... and the milestones are almost done for you to get through.

  4. Everything is and will stay great! I have faith that Nugget is going to be fine and you will make it past those milestones! *Hugs*