Saturday, June 26, 2010

New look

I went and got my hair done today. I love my stylist, she lets me talk and talk and talk. I got highlights and my hair trimmed. I love it! I'm going to take a picture of it later.  Of course my first thought was that I have to go to the cemetery so Aidan will know it's me.  Instead I went and picked up lunch because Aidan will always know it's me.  I've been uber uber stressed at work and not sleeping well. So that in turn makes me exhausted! Yesterday I was so tired that I took a nap at lunch. Now normally every Friday I go visit Aidan after work, but I couldn't go yesterday. I called my mom almost in tears and asked her if I was a bad mom to not go visit him.  She told me that Aidan wants me to be safe and to not get into a car accident because I was so tired. Also the fact that I talk to him all the time.  It's so weird the random guilt that pops up. I'm dealing with them and reminding myself that none of it is true.

Well we're off to visit my parent's and then our friends.  Have a great weekend!



  1. Aidan knows you love him and don't feel bad for not visiting him as much. He has a great Mommy!!!

  2. Aidan knows you love him very much, Maggie. He will understand that you couldn't visit him because you were too tired. Your mom was right, Aidan wants you to be safe. :)