Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Have no fear Abbey, I found it

On Thanksgiving my niece, Abbey (who will be 9 in Feb) walked up to me tilted her head sideways and stated "You don't look pregnant." I just laughed, because well, I don't really yet. Of course to me and people who know me think I do, but a stranger probably just thinks I'm fat. It's ok Mr. Stranger, unless you are pregnant, I at least have a reason now for looking fat. And what's your excuse again...oh right, the beer. lol

Anyway, I went to the bathroom at work today and what did I see. Well I think I see my tummy getting rounder and looking more pregnant.

So for you Abbey, here is a shot that I took today (yes with the lovely tampon machine, sorry).

19 wk5d

1 comment:

  1. OMG, I see wiggle :) You DEFINITELY have a round little belly in that picture! Start wearing super tight hooker shirts so it shows all the time lol j/k
    I can't wait until Thursday--and girlie, you'd better NOT make me wait until your Christmas cards come out...I'll beat your hiney!