Thursday, December 1, 2011

9 months

Yeah this is a little late and not the normal picture. I will take the normal picture this weekend

Age: 9 months

Weight/Length: He went to the dr on 11/29. He is 17 lbs 13 oz and 27 3/4 inch. He went from the 2nd percentile to the 9th in 3 months. Way to go little dude!

Size: He wears 6m sleepers and 3-6m clothes.

Teeth: Still none

Sleeping: He loves it. He sleeps through the night and takes lots of naps

Eating: Lots. Still 30oz of milk/formula mixture and 2-3 jars of food. We would get 3 in every day except that he likes his pre bedtime nap and sleeps through that 3rd jar.

Movement: He is a champ at rolling. He's crawling a little bit, but prefers to roll

Milestones: He is such much better at changing directions. He uses his feet a lot more to spin around when he's sitting.

Favorite Toys: He loves his remote and football and this new Octopus thing by Leapfrog

Dislikes: He is starting to understand the word no. He is not happy when I tell him not to take of his hat/ socks. If he doesn't get his way, he's starting to throw a fit

Words/sounds: He's saying mama and dada more when looking at us. He's also saying baba when the bottle is around.
I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander!


  1. Been downloading pics all day of Lucas and found your blog.....I didn't know....and I cried. Love you Dee