Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Lucas

Dear Lucas,
This will probably be the only Christmas when I'm awake before you. You are still fast asleep upstairs while mommy sits here ready to rip open the presents patiently for you to wake up. You are mommy and daddy's Christmas miracle. When I get sad, all I have to do is hold you and I feel better. You stare in amazement at the tree and it's been a joy enjoying this first Christmas through your eyes.
Yes mommy and daddy like to put you in the diaper box and push you around the room

Oh wait, I hear you talking right now. You don't talk in your sleep, but boy do you snore. You are just like daddy in that department! I woke up this morning to find you sleeping like a frog. On your belly with your knees up, but feet wide apart. You are such my little belly sleeper. When you went to visit Santa, you asked for you two front teeth. While you didn't get two, you do have a tooth that has finally popped through. It's not all the way up yet.

Our tree this year is modestly decorated. I see it as an improvement because last year we didn't put up a tree. We have angels for your brother and we have "Baby's 1st Christmas" for you. Of course we had to get ornaments with both of your names on them.
Last night you helped me make sugar cookies for Santa. We also made the frosting. Yummy
Well you and daddy are coming down the stairs. So let's go enjoy your first Christmas.

I love you so much Lucas Alexander.


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