Thursday, August 18, 2011

So thankful for this blog

I just went back to my posts from February. I re-read the one that I wrote before we went to the hospital. I totally forgot about some of those emotions that I felt. I'm so glad that I started this blog as a way to remember stuff. 

Lucas is teething right now and is pretty pathetic. Hey, I'm his mom, I can say that. He normally takes his bottle straight from the fridge, but when he's teething he doesn't want anything cold. I didn't figure that out or even think about it. My MIL told me that she had started warming up his bottle. I was going with the mindset that cold makes them feel better. He only ate 1.5 oz last. Yeah from 4:30pm yesterday until 8:30am this morning he only ate 1.5 oz. I was freaking out/ on the verge of calling the pedi. You know, because I never overreact. :-D

I don't have any new pictures right now, they are on my computer at home, so I will leave you with some "old pics"

 My big boy sitting all by himself! -8/4/11
 He looks super chunky here, but really, who doesn't laying on their back?

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander!



  1. He and my little JJ are about the same.. I've got GI issues on top of Teething.. So not fun.. 1.5 oz is unfortunatly normal for us some days.. 5 mos and only 14 lbs! YIKES - hope your little guys tooth comes in fast. Brandy