Monday, August 1, 2011

5 months

Age: 5 months

Weight: 12 1/2 lbs. I took him to the dr on Saturday because of his cold and they weighed him

Length: Guessing around 24in I'll find out on the 29th

Size: Some 0-3, but mostly 3 months and in 3-6m sleepers. Tall skinny boy

Teeth: none, but he is teething

Sleeping: I love him for this... he's been sleeping 8p-6am. On the weekends he usually takes about 2 30 minute naps and 1 hour long nap

Eating: He's eating about 24oz of breastmilk. He eats carrots mixed with rice cereal and started peas yesterday,7/31. He loves the peas

Movement: No new movement. Starting to get up on to his knees to crawl, but hasn't figured out that he has to be on his hands and knees

Milestones: He's getting his belly laugh going.

Favorite Toys: Sophie, binkie, Mr. Chewy (lovey with a duck on it), Mr. Fuzzy (It's a boy bear that we got that's well..fuzzy) and his hands/feet

Dislikes: breaks during bottle time* and being hot in his car seat

He has said mama 3 times. It's usually a whiny mama
*We do breaks during his bottle to keep him from spitting up. He takes 20 minutes to take 4oz and rarely spits up. It works for us and it's teaching him to eat slowly.
Lucas Alexander,

I can't believe you're 5 months old already. You are such a happy snuggly boy. Even when you're sick, you have a big smile on your face. You learned to share your cold with me by constantly shoving your fingers in my mouth. Probably doesn't help that I like to snack on your toes and you do too. You love watching Snoopy and will usually stop what you're doing to see him. You like carrots and love peas. I've never seen anyone attack peas as much as you did. I'm so proud of you for eating your veggies. You would much rather be standing instead of laying down or sitting. You still sleep in mommy and daddy's room in your Rock and Play. I love that you are just an arms reach away. You are such a quiet sleeper and you love your sleep. On the weekends you have been known to sleep in until 7 or 7:30. You really are taking after your daddy. I love you so much baby boy.

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander


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