Tuesday, August 23, 2011

6 months

Age: 6 months

Weight: I'm guessing around 13.5/14 lbs. I'll find out on the 29th

Length: Guessing around 25in I'll find out on the 29th

Size: Mostly 3 months and in 3-6m sleepers. Tall skinny boy

Teeth: none, but he is teething

Sleeping: I love him for this... he's been sleeping 8p-6am. On the weekends he usually takes about 2 30 minute naps and 1 hour long nap

Eating: He's eating about 27oz of breastmilk. He eats carrots, peas and bananas. I can usually get him to eat a tablespoon of carrots and bananas and half a jar of peas. That boy loves him some peas

Movement: He can shuffle around on this belly and mostly goes around in circles. When he's sitting in his walker at gma's he can "walk" backwards. He's starting to act like he wants to crawl.

Milestones: He's sitting by himself

Favorite Toys: Sophie, binkie, Mr. Chewy (lovey with a duck on it), Mr. Fuzzy (It's a boy bear that we got that's well..fuzzy) and his hands/feet. Oh and Snoopy. He loves to watch Snoopy walk around.

Dislikes: breaks during bottle time, being hot in his car seat and when he spits out his binkie when he's tired

He loves to babble while chewing on his hand.

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander!


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