Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our hospital stay

Man, it's hard to blog with a newborn.  Okay it would be easier if I wasn't sitting around holding him all the time. Lucas is just so snuggly!

So about our hospital stay, it was amazing! Every single nurse that came in knew our history so we never had to have the awkward is this your first conversation. Nurses that we had never met before kept telling us how much Lucas looks like Aidan. They knew that because of his picture that we had in the room, but they all talked to me about Aidan. I so badly needed that and have a feeling that my grief counselor was behind it. :-) I sent Lucas to the nursery every night for at least 2 hours and while I felt a moment of guilt, the feeling of sleep out weighed that by a lot.

We did have a little scare with jaundice. My milk had come in, but because of the jaundice Lucas was pretty lethargic and not eating much. Since he wasn't eating much, he wasn't getting the jaundice out. The dr had us use a bili blanket in the hospital to try to help break down the bilirubin. Similar to the lights that Aidan was under. I also had a lactation consultant come and help me get him to eat more. She sat with us for probably an hour doing different tricks. She was with us for so long because there was a possibility that Lucas was going going to have to go to the NICU to be under the bili light. That would mean that he wouldn't have come home with us the same day. The LC begged the dr to let us take the blanket home so Lucas would leave with us. We are so thankful for our LC and her determination.

I'm so glad that we had two completely different, but amazing stays at our hospital. I've read so many horror stories and am so thankful we didn't have that. As a prize for reading this post (or skimming it) here's another picture of our little prince.(Picture taken by Kathy)

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander



  1. He is beautiful. Congratulations.

  2. That picture is so gorgeous. I've seen it so many times but still can't get over it. He is SUCH a beautiful baby.

  3. Yea that you and Lucas are doing so well! Aidan is looking out for his little brother already.

  4. Oh how I love this picture.. and that you are breastfeeding again! so very precious.

  5. Love the picture! You are right, it is hard to blog with a newborn! I am finally getting some time today and Carly is now 2 months! :)

  6. Sounds like a great hospital expereience, I am so glad everyone was so helpful for you.