Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birth story told with pictures

Since we all know I had a repeat c-section there isn't really a story to tell. I got prepped, sliced open, given a baby and still recovering. Same as last time, but on time and I got to see my Lucas right away.
 I miss that belly!

 Me and Dr.B. I know I've said this a bunch, but I love that woman!
 Welcome to the world, Lucas Alexander
 This picture means so much to me! I had asked one of Aidan's NICU nurses, Ingrid, if she could be in the OR with us. She was with us on Aidan's last day and I wanted her to take care of "Nugget" on his first day. Ingrid had a patient that she had to take care of and I found out when Amber, another one of Aidan's NICU nurses, came into the OR. I love Amber and so that was awesome that she came down knowing how much I needed them. Well Ingrid made it in time and here is Ingrid and Amber taking care of Lucas.

I had a hard time emotionally during the surgery. Most of the time was spent thinking about Aidan and how I so badly wish that he was sitting out in the waiting room with our parents to meet his little brother. I also thought about his birthday and how different it was. I was zoned out until I could hear Dr. B getting excited because "Nugget" was about to be born. At that point I started bawling, I couldn't stop. It was amazing to see him over the curtain when Dr. B showed him to me. Then to look over and see Ingrid and Amber taking care of him...I lost it again. Don't even get me started when I saw Chris holding him for the first time.

Dr. B said that I had very minimal scaring from my first c-section and that it was very quick and easy for them. I'm healing pretty well. The recovery is very similar to what I experienced with Aidan. It's a little harder because of the lack of sleep and wanting to hold/help Lucas all the time. Chris has been amazing and doing so much because I can't. It also helped a lot that my mom has been staying with us. I've only changed a few diapers, while they've changed countless. I know my time is coming soon when I'm feeling better so I'm not feeling too bad. ;-)

So that's the story of Lucas' birth in pictures. I will upload more pictures from the hospital soon along with how that went.

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander



  1. I love this story!! :-) You are so sweet and I must say I love your smile. That was the first thing I noticed when I walked into the room. Can't wait to see more pictures of Lucas! I'm glad you are using the help you have and taking the time to heal your body. You are an amazing mother!!

  2. Awww Maggie! I'm so excited for you :) He is such a cutie! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  3. Congratulations and welcome Lucas!

  4. Maggie, it fills my heart with happiness to read such a wonderful story and to know that you and Chris were able to experience such joy after such a terrible heartbreak. I can't wait to come visit! I'll let ya get some more rest and recover more before I bug you though. Anyway, that pic of you looking at Lucas while you're still on the surgery table is priceless. I can FEEL the emotion just by looking at your face in that photo. I'm so so so so so happy for you guys!

  5. I am beyond thrilled for you and your special new boy! Looking forward to reading all about your adventures with a newborn!

  6. I love this story.. one I have now read 3x.. beautiful. thank you for sharing it as I am about to journey into the same place.. I am terifed.. and so hopeful.. Your story is wonderful.

  7. I am so happy for you Maggie! I love the photos. He is just precious. I know Aidan is so proud. ((hugs))

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