Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nugget's adventure-trip to L&D

So I mentioned that last Thursday I was sent to L&D after the dr was concerned about Nugget from the NST.  Notice that I didn't say Dr. B was concerned... it was another dr.  Dr. B was out of the office and I was assigned to a different dr.  Nugget was super active that day and kept moving away from the monitors so I would lose his heart rate. After about 5 minutes of trying to find it, I gave up and waited for the tech to come in. I mean it is her job to check on me...about 10 minutes later she finally came back in. I had tried again to find it and I found a heartbeat, but I didn't know who's it was.  She took my chart to this dr that I was supposed to see and when she came back said well it looks like we're going to send you to L&D for monitoring........MY HEART FREAKING SANK! The tech saw that Nugget had stayed on the monitor while she was gone so she took that strip to see if that one passed. Once again the dr said I was being sent to L&D. Okay, minus never seeing the dr, this is exactly what happened with Aidan.  I wasn't told anything and just sent over there.

If you know my family's history, you won't be surprised at the fact that I just shut down. I was staring out the window and couldn't move. Once we walked over to the maternity floor, I had to go through the admissions crap again. The lady couldn't find my previous admittance, when Aidan was born, but then was able to find it right before having to go over everything. I was in the same room, just a floor below.  Not good for the paranoid/anxious/terrified pregnant lady! We kept getting told that the dr who sent us over would be in to see us in a few minutes.  I was put back on the monitors for a better NST and I was laying flat on my back. Nugget still was kicking up a storm and then got the hiccups. About 5 minutes into the nurse comes in and asks how long I've been feeling pressure. I had been feeling pressure, but I assumed it was Nugget balling up because it wasn't all over pressure.  Yeah......not so much, I was having contractions that were being picked up on the monitor.

The nurses rushed me out of my regular clothes so that they could do a test to see if I would go into labor in the next 2 weeks. Well I was rushed out of my clothes, but the test wasn't given for what seemed like 30 minutes later. At that point I was shaking like a leaf! I kept thinking I need the steroid shots in case I have to have my c/s sooner. I have to get that extra little bit to help strengthen his blood vessels in his brain. I know the steroids are to help with lung maturity, but another bleed was a bigger concern of mine.  Now, I was not prepared to be admitted to the hospital. Read, I was not prepared to be stripped down and put in a gown.  Still can't read between the lines? There was no shaveage and I was sooo embarrassed! The nurses said put your heels together and let your knees hang down. Chris and I obviously know how Aidan and Nugget were created, but we're still modest.  Let's just say, it's been awhile since I've seen that man run so fast to get around the corner. lol They did the test and after waiting an hour and a half that came back negative. I was also given a shot of terbutaline to stop the contractions and that worked too. The nurse did an internal to see if the contractions were making me dilate, OMG WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME HOW PAINFUL THOSE ARE?

The nurse walked in with my discharge papers...notice how I never once mentioned a dr coming to see me? Yeah that's because it never happened, the dr went home and never followed up with me!!!!!!!!!! Pissed is only a small word to describe how we felt about that. We had to wait another 15-20 minutes because they were concerned I might have a UTI, but didn't get the test done. So we had to wait for the Dr to call back in and call for that test.  After I peed in the cup I got dressed and we headed home.  I was so incredibly sore from the contractions, shaking and Nugget kicking up a storm. I was told limited activity and have spent more time laying on the couch the past week than I would like. I'd much rather be laying on the couch instead of in the hospital though!

So that was our first trip to the hospital with Nugget and hopefully we won't go back until 10am on 2/21 for his birthday!



  1. Sounds like you and I are having the SAME thing happen. Only I'm just 25 weeks - I have to go back to the Hospital tomorrow for Redo of all the tests.. Ummm it is SO HARD. I was actually in the VERY SAME ROOM I was in for Joseph... and they did not move me after I told them.. At least I had a positive outcome like you ... Babies are Fine - Momma's are a MESS - Hope you continue the whole time.

  2. That must have been a very stressful experience...I am so glad everything checked out though. Still keeping you and baby in my prayers!

  3. I would definitely let the office know you are not happy how that was handled one bit. Hopefully Dr. B will be there the next time you go and every appointment after. Yeah, getting "checked" isn't fun when you're not dilating. Feels like their whole arm is checking. And you may be modest now, just want till it's time. That goes out the window.
    I'm still glad they were able to stop the contractions and Nugget is still doing great. Just take it easy. Ask Chris to take you to dinner tonight and maybe a foot rub. ;)