Wednesday, December 22, 2010

He is soo grounded!

I woke up this morning at 6 and normally after I wake up so does Nugget.  I always say he likes to help mommy make sure the bladder is empty.  Well he didn't wake up (or I couldn't feel him) and I didn't think about it. Then when Chris got up to shower at 6:40 I still hadn't felt him move. I started to worry a little. So I rubbed my belly and said Nuggy it's time to wake up....nothing. Not going to lie, I was starting to panic, so I started poking the belly and talking to him more. At 7 I still didn't feel anything. At this point Chris was in bed with me talking to Nugget and trying to coax him to move. I looked at Chris at 7:10 and we both had tears in ours eyes.  Finally at 7:15 I got a nice jab and then I was able to get 10 kicks within 10 minutes. I even was sitting there asking Aidan to help us to get him moving. I.was.scared!

Yes, to some it was probably an over-reaction, but I don't care. I'm paranoid and we were both terrified. We were thisclose to calling Dr.B and heading to labor and delivery. He's been super active this morning and I just keep telling him that he's mom is a freak.

I love you Aidan Christopher and (my pain in the butt) Nugget



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  2. So NOT an over reaction Maggie!!! Scary! There were so many scares that I had with Everett, I told him many of times that he would be grounded when he arrived. Little did I know the lack of movement wasn't his fault at all. Glad to hear nuggy is moving like crazy. LISTEN to your gut at all times. It's always right!

  3. Definitely not overreacting! I had one of those moments a few weeks ago, it was awful. Hang in there and I'm glad everything is ok.

  4. I've never commented before... but I've been reading since I found your blog on thebump when I had a miscarriage in October.

    That was definitely not an overreaction! Kudos to you for being such an attentive mommy. So glad to hear everything was okay.

  5. Nugget just wanted to sleep in a little bit this morning! But definitely not an over-reaction on your part. You done good!

  6. Definitely not worrying too much! I think I'd have the same reaction. I hope he starts to behave. :)