Monday, September 14, 2009

I have someone for you to meet

Here is wiggle! I'm measuring 8w6d, but they are going to keep my due date so I'm still 8w4d. We saw the heart beat right away and then the tech turned on the sound. The heart rate was 171 and the most amazing sound I've heard. I'm absolutely in love with this little baby.

We finally convinced my in-laws that we had to see them tonight. We got them a frame that says baby and put one of the u/s pictures in there. My mother in law started to open it and was like oh it's a frame and then she looked at and said "Oh!!!" She then handed it to my father in law and he was like oh that's really..."Oh!!!!!" Both of their jaws dropped and they hugged us right away. It was amazing to finally be able to tell them.

I can't wait to tell my parent's on Thursday!

8wks 4d

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  1. You've got a baby in your belly...and I love him/her sooo much :) I'm so excited for you guys Maggie :) Congratulations for the millionth time!!!!!!