Saturday, September 26, 2009

Had a great day today!

Chris is taking classes this weekend to learn how to ride (drive?) a motorcycle. So I took that time to go downtown to go shopping with my momma. First we got lunch, hey wiggle was hungry, and then we went to kohls. I got some great maternity clothes that are super comfortable. Granted I don't need them yet, but they were on sale! Seriously, why aren't we wearing elastic pants all the time?!? While trying on one of the shirts I came out of the dressing room and said "mom this is huge" She looked at me like I was nuts and I realized, oh yeah, I'm gonna get huge. lol

Later my dad made us an awesome dinner of fish and home made fries. Sooo yummy!

It's almost 9:15 so that means it's time for bed.


10wks 2d <---- Seriously? I can't believe I'm already 10 weeks.

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