Friday, June 1, 2012

What a little over 25lbs of weight loss looks like

5/18/11- I was 3 months pp
I took the last picture today in the same shirt I wore for the first one. Yes, I planned that this morning since it's a little cooler today. While I know from the scale there is a difference, it didn't feel like it. Well now I have proof that yes, in fact, my body is changing. I'm so happy with this and so motivated to keep going. I'm in the middle of week 4 for the C25k challenge. I have to say it, I hate running. I hate it because it's hard and I want to give up, but I can't. I always give up on my work out plans and I really want to follow through with this. My boss is a runner and he's been asking me if I ran the night before. That has been helping while I push through this hatred of running. Maybe when I finish and I know that I can run a 5k, I'll enjoy it. I do enjoy the benefits of how I'm getting toned. I can actually feel my stomach muscles all the way around. For having 2 c/s, that's pretty awesome. :-) 

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander


  1. As a runner I can honestly say I hated it at first too. Don't give up. Once you build your endurance you will grow to love it.

    You look great. As a mommy who just had a c-section 12 weeks ago I find hope that I will get rid of that flabby tummy.

  2. You look fabulous! Keep up with your running, I know you can do it :D

  3. Wow!!! Good job! I too started running this year, it was horrible at first but now I'm full on addicted! Good luck on this journey, you can do it!

  4. Could I be any more proud? I don't think so.

  5. You look amazing, Maggie!!!

    P.S. Looks like now that we're moving to AL we will be heading to OH/IN for Christmas. I'd love to get together with you for lunch so I can meet Lucas and you can meet Baby Holmes. :)