Monday, August 9, 2010

6 months


Hi sweetheart. I can't believe it's been six months since I held you, kissed you, did your mouth care and changed your diaper. I never thought that August would get here so quickly. Daddy and I have had lots of ups and downs, but more ups in the past few months. We love to sit and retell our silly stories about you. I miss you so much baby boy.  It's almost football time sweetie. That kind of makes mommy sad. We loved taking you to all those Colts games last season. It will be difficult walking into the stadium knowing that you aren't with momo and frampa while daddy and I are at the game. I promise you, Aidan, that we will still have just as much this year as we did last year. I'm making this promise to you not as in us forgetting, but keeping your memory alive. It's a lot easier for me to talk about you then to be sad.  We promised that we would be happy again and I'm so incredibly happy when I'm talking about you.

This is something that you already know, but just because I'm happy doesn't mean I'm not still sad. There are random times when I just start crying. Especially with those stupid iPhone commercials. I so wish that you were still here with us. I wish I was changing your diaper, singing to you and giving you lots of kisses.

I love you Aidan Christopher!



  1. XOXO....six months is so long to go without your little Aidan. I'm so sorry he's not here with you. :(

  2. ((Hugs)) I wish he were here with you too!