Monday, May 3, 2010

Sometimes I wonder

Chris and I went to Hallmark the other day.  I’m doing a gift exchange with other moms of angels for Mother’s Day. I was looking for something and I turned around to ask Chris and I couldn’t find him.  When I did I found him looking at froggy stuff.  I wondered if he looked at froggy stuff like I do. Well it was nice to see that he does.  As I was checking out he told me to turn around.  He was holding a little fish tank that had a little frog in there. Hallmark is selling a live frog!  We didn’t buy it, but I was more impressed with Chris pointing out all the frog stuff to me. 

Not related, but I went to the rheumatologist today.  My appointment was at 2:30 and I wasn’t called back until a little after 3.  Needless to say I was a little annoyed.  All of my medical information was sent over before the appointment, but when the nurse walked in she asked if I have any kids.  I think that should have been my first clue that she didn’t read my file.  That’s not the point…..I then met the Dr. and she was polite and asked me to give more details about what happened.  As we all know I don’t mind telling Aidan’s story because that means I’m talking about him.  She is pretty sure that I had a false positive and after doing an exam she’s confident in that, but I still had more blood work drawn.  They’ll only call if my numbers come back positive again, but I will hear from Dr. B once she gets the results.  She really spoils me for Drs because I was very annoyed with my appointment today, but that’s okay.

I love you Aidan Christopher!


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  1. I think we've all know for a long time that Chris is a keeper.