Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great weekend so far!

Last night Chris and I decided to go to a few stores to look at their selection of cribs. We were going to then order one from JcPenney. We stopped at Kittles and they had a floor sample clearance crib. We talked to the sales lady and found out that the crib had just been put together that night and was selling around 70% off. So after talking to Uncle Adam we bought the crib today. I'm sooo in love with it and I can't believe we actually have a crib in our house!

We really haven't started doing much in his room yet, but I had to post pictures of his crib

My mom and I went shopping today and got wiggle-man a few more outfits and we had to pick up my mom's favorite onesie.....

Tomorrow Chris and I are going the Colts AFC Championship game and I can't wait!

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  1. The crib looks great. And I know you guys had a blast at the game!

  2. The crib is awesome :) I love the onesie lol