Thursday, April 4, 2013

A lot has been happening

Every day I think about blogging, but I don't know what to write about. This blog was such a huge help for the early stages of grieving. It was a huge help getting through the anxiety of being pregnant after a loss and now it's just hanging out getting cobwebs. I primarily use facebook to update family on how Lucas is doing so I don't feel the need to blog as much.

I should though since it did help me with the anxiety of being pregnant after a loss with Lucas. My anxiety this time is much higher! With Aidan we lost hopes and dreams, but we didn't know what it was like to be parents. Now we do and we know even more of what we'll lose if something happens. I've only made one additional appointment because my anxiety was awful. Then the following week for a regular appointment, Dr. B had a hard time finding the heart beat. She found it eventually and it is nice and strong, but that hasn't helped my anxiety at all.

This pregnancy seems to be flying by! I'm 17 weeks already and have a nice size bump. We find out the baby's sex on 4/22 (18 days, but who is counting?) I'm almost done being a normal pregnant lady and start moving into the office. Hopefully that will help my anxiety too.

Here's the last picture of my work bathroom looking like this. We have new bathrooms now!

 I love you Aidan Christopher, Lucas Alexander and Jelly 



  1. THis pregnancy is flying by for me too. It's insane. Suddenly I'm 24w (today) and I still cant even believe I'm pregnant! :) Good luck and hopeful for all good things!

  2. Oh wow, congratulations! You look amazing.

  3. Just just wanted to tell you that after finding your blog through the August board your story touched me deeply, I have so much respect for you and what you have been through. You are such a strong woman and I am truly rooting for you and keep your babies' health in my thoughts and prayers.