Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jelly/3peat is...

So I'm 20 weeks and feeling great! I'm up about 14lbs on my scale (dr's says 16lbs)and baby is moving and grooving a lot! My braxton hicks contractions started early again this time, around 16w, but other than those smooth sailing. Well minus my anxiety, but I now go to the dr every 2 weeks so I won't really have time for anymore anxiety.Here is my 20 week belly picture. As I posted last time, our work bathroom got renovated!

3peat has a new nickname now. My work BFF is pregnant and due 2 months after me. I've known the whole time (just like she's known about me the whole time), but I couldn't say why I changed 3peat's nickname. I call her fetus Peanut Butter so it's only fitting that mine is Jelly. Plus I call Lucas peanut butter so it would be weird to call the baby that too. 

Here is our little Jelly...

Oh and drumroll please. Jelly is.......

 Yup, it's true! I finally get my little girl! She had her booty in the air showing off her goods and the tech said 100% girl. Thankfully I have so many more u/s to confirm, but I saw right away that she's a girl. As always, she won't have a name until she's born. She does however have lots of clothes coming!

Even with our tragic loss of Aidan, we are so blessed to have our two boys and our little girl. 

I love you Aidan Christopher, Lucas Alexander and Little miss Jelly!


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