Monday, February 18, 2013

Reason for the silence

I know I don't post very often, but this time there has been a reason.  Aidan and Lucas are going to be big brothers!!!! We found out on 12/31 because I got heart burn from eating a pretzel. The plans that we had for New Years fell through so I didn't have to worry about drinking. Until the next day when my mom called to invite us over and we normally have a couple of drinks with my parents. I told them I was doing a 60 day challenge. My mom saw through that, but I still said that was the reason for my no drinking. lol

We saw 3peat at the end of January with a perfect heart rate of 170. The day we saw the baby...the same day my parents left for Florida. So we had to wait a week before telling them. Both sets of parents are very excited to meet this kid at the end of August. My technical due date is 9/9 so my c/s will be around 8/26. Dr. B will be keeping a close eye on this one just like we did with Lucas. The only difference is that I'm a "normal" patient up until 22w and with Lucas I was never normal, I was in every 2 weeks. My anxiety is pretty high right now, but I have my next appointment at 12w next Wednesday.

Thankfully a girlfriend of mine who also had a loss is due 4 days before me so she has really helped me out with my anxiety.

If my stupid google+ would work I'd post a picture, but alas it does not. 

I love you Aidan Christopher, Lucas Alexander and 3peat!