Sunday, January 9, 2011

11 months


Wow baby boy, I can't believe it's been 11 months since we said goodbye. I'm sitting here looking at your pictures just wanting so badly to go back in time to hold you one more time, tell you I love you one more time and kiss you one more time.  But I can't do that, so here I sit, staring at your pictures.  To say that I miss you is an understatement, I can't even think of a word that would give justice to how I feel. 

Daddy and I found the first personalized thing at the store with your name, spelled correctly. We found a little snowman ornament and had to buy it. Then when momo and I were in the gift shop of the State Museum I found a little stocking with your name on it. We've found items before, but they were all spelled Aiden and it would be kinda tacky to buy something with your name misspelled. :-) I asked Uncle Scott to keep an eye out for them when he's on the road.

Mommy and daddy are getting excited about welcoming Nugget into the world in 42 days, but not a single days goes by where I don't wish that you were here getting ready to welcome him too.  We have big plans for him to always know about his big brother Aidan.

I love you so much sweetie and I miss you so much!

Love you,