Saturday, September 4, 2010

A dream about Aidan

The only dream that I've had involving Aidan was the one a few months ago. It was the white light telling me that Aidan is okay. I've been waiting for the night where I would see Aidan in my dreams.  Well last night was my first dream involving him. We had been told that if he survived that he would have some mental delays and possibly some physical ones. In my dream we were back at the hospital to visit Aidan. When we got there I was told that we could take him home that day. When we saw him, he was huge! He had the body of an early teenager, but I remember thinking he was just born in February. He was able to talk to us and knew who we were. He did have some disabilities, but of course that didn't matter to us. What mattered is that we were going to be able to take him home. Aidan had pictures hanging in his room that he drew saying I love mommy and daddy. He also drew a picture of Snoopy.  It melted my heart. After we said goodbye to all of his nurses we finally wheeled him out of the hospital. We got home and then I woke up.

I was sad when I woke up, but a lot of me was so happy to have a dream about him. Albeit it was a little weird.

I love you Aidan Christopher and I miss you so much!


  1. I can imagine how strange that was, but sweet as well. To wake and realize Aiden is still gone ~ so hard.

    I keep hoping that I will dream of Amelia, but I still have not. More often than not, I have horrible nightmares...nothing to do with her though.

  2. Hi. I found your blog on TTCAL on the bump. I lurked there after we lost our son. Jack was born in January at 30 weeks, and passed away at the beginning of February. We found out in June we are pregnant again and this child is due At the very end of February. Our stories are similar in that manner and I just wanted to say that theres someone out here who 'gets it' as best as anyone can. The days can be so long and so hard sometimes...I have good ones now too, but when a bad one comes, its bad. I hope you are taking care ofyourself, and know Im thinking of you and praying for you.
    If you ever want to chat a bit, heres my email Take care!!!