Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big step

So if we’re friends on TB, you’ve probably already read this. Chris and I drove around some garage sales today. We decided to take a look a baby stuff. Now from my post a week or two ago, this is HUGE! I’ve been able to look at clothes and stuff online, but wasn’t ready to shop. Well we got a bunch of Old Navy and Carters outfits for $10. I was so proud of myself for not having a breakdown.  I’m still not ready for the stores, but it was nice to buy some stuff for Nugget.

The guy who was selling the stuff asked if Nugget is our first and I quickly responded with no. Then he chimed in with how different it is with two kids instead of one. I didn’t say anything, but then he asked how old our first is. I simply said he didn’t make it. He apologized/gave his condolences and then practically ran away to help someone else. It was comforting for me to say nope, he’s not my first even though it made that guy uncomfortable. Again, it’s all about me. :-D

So here are the outfits that we bought…

IMG_2243 Of course we had to get the frog one, even thought it’s 12m size



IMG_2246 Seriously, how cute is that?





There’s some more, but these are my favorite ones.

I’m just really proud of myself for not having a panic attack and running away. Hopefully one 10/11 we’ll confirm that Nugget is still a boy…if not she’ll be a tomboy for awhile. ;-)

I love you Aidan Christopher and Nugget!



  1. Good for you!! I can't imagine how hard that question will be to answer! And Ryleigh was supposidly a boy according to our first 3d ultrasound so we have quite a few little boy outfits! And she rocks them! A headband dresses up even a boy outfit!

  2. They are so cute, i love the football one! Congrats on taking such a big step!

  3. Ahhh! Are those FOOTBALLS on the bottom of the feet? That's the cutest thing I've ever seen. LOVE! Can't wait to see pics of Nugget IN them! :)

  4. I love love LOVE the outfits!~ And it is a great idea to get things a little bigger too - they grow so darn fast. That little Adidas outfit is precious.