Monday, July 26, 2010

I started a new job

I'm still with the same company in the same department, but I switched positions. Instead of working 10-7 and making customer service calls, I'm working 8-5 working directly with a military program for moving shipments.  I'm excited for this change! It was getting really hard to not tell people how I really felt when they complained about how their world is coming to an end because their bed was scratched.  No, seriously people have said that to me.  I also had someone tell me that she is more upset about a piece of furniture being damaged then she was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Normally I say that we all have a different definition of disappointment because of life experiences.  It has helped keep my bitterness away when someone is so disappointed because they are having 2 of the same sex instead of 1 of each. I'm glad they haven't had the same life experience as me, but it makes me side eye them a lot.

ANYWAY, about my new job, I started it today.  It's a lot of busy work and I love it! I've wanted this position for almost a year now, but they just opened up a 2nd position. I know it's only a day, but I'm not nearly as bitter now and I look forward to going to work.  When I first started at this company over 3 years ago I really really looked forward to going to work. I love having that drive back. It will also give me the opportunity to start cooking dinner and improve my skills. I mean, that's the whole reason why my momma came up a couple of weeks ago. So I'm really excited for this!

I love you Aidan Christopher!



  1. Congrats on the new position! I can't believe some customers! I hope this position continues to be way better than your last :)

  2. Glad to hear about your new job. I'm starting mine in a couple of weeks and I hope that it too will be a refreshing change.

  3. Yayyyy! I'm so glad you're happy. Sorry I haven't been able to come over there to visit lately. Kevin will bust me. :(