Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm calling this progress

Much to the chagrin of my co-worker, I have the Time Hop app on my phone. Normally I can be trusted with that app, but not in January early February. Last week I was looking at it and was confused. There was a post where I asked for prayers because we were burying Aidan that day. I completely forgot the day we buried him and the next day where we had his service. This doesn't make me upset, I feel like maybe I'm progressing a little. Now his birth and death dates are still terribly difficult and they always will be, but I'm glad that I'm making baby steps!

I'm still upset about Snoopers. I miss him so much! After Aidan died I tried so hard to see him. Well, I see Snoop running in the field near my house. I see his floppy ears and his tongue hanging out the side. I can also see him when I'm laying in bed and him passing in front of the bedroom door. Before anyone calls to get me hauled off, I am sane. I've just been so used to seeing him that my mind can still see him. We are talking about getting another dog at some point. I'm getting closer to being ready. I've always had a dog so being without one has been weird. So that's where I'm at now. Not hurting as bad, but still hurt. 

I love you Aidan Christopher, Lucas Alexander, Alexis Marie and Snoopers!



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