Thursday, December 5, 2013


Our 12 year old puppy, Snoopy is sick. We found out on 11/26 that Snoop has lymphoma. Our first baby only has 1-2 months to live. Talk about being devastated. We've had Snoopy since December 2001. The same month I found out my childhood beagle was put down due to cancer while I was at school. My parents didn't want me to screw up my finals so they didn't tell me. My last memories with Schotzy was playing with her. Well I don't have that option this time. I'm the mommy so I have to make sure Lucas' last memories with Snoopy is playing with him. Right now he still has a lot of life in him. He runs around outside playing with his tennis ball or running away from Lucas. The moment he appears to be in pain, we'll make a decision.
Currently he is on prednisone to keep him comfortable. It will make the tumor on his neck less swollen and he'll feel great on it. What I was told is that when it's done working, that's when we'll know it's time. We/I'm taking pictures daily of Snoop and making sure Lucas gets lots of snuggles. I'm extremely upset that Alexis won't be able to play with him, but I can't focus on that. He is living the beagle life right now. Lots of treats, a new tennis ball, going for walks and sleeping wherever. Okay the only thing that has changed is the lots of treats.

I love you Aidan Christopher, Lucas Alexander, Alexis Marie and Snoopy Lawrence


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