Monday, February 13, 2012

11 months-better late than never

Right after getting his bath. :-)
Age: 11 months

Weight/Length:I would guess that he was about 19 lbs. When he had croup, they weighed him in at 18lbs 2 oz

Size: He wears 6-9 sleepers and 6-9 onsies. Still in 6m pants because he has not butt. :-)

Teeth: 2 and working on a top one

Sleeping: He loves it. He sleeps through the night and takes lots of naps

Eating: He eats a lot. Still 30 oz of milk/formula and 2-3 jars of food.
Movement: He is crawling all over the place and cruising around furniture

Milestones: cruising furniture and tossing toys out of his play area.

Favorite Toys: Any type of vehicle, ball or stacking cups.

Dislikes: Nothing really. He's pretty vocal when something annoys him or when he's done eating.

Words/sounds: He's saying mama and dada when looking at us. 

Love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander


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