Monday, April 18, 2011

March for Babies

The Indianapolis March for Babies is coming up in 12 days (4/30) and there is plenty of time to either donate or sign up to walk with us. Hopefully the weather will be nicer this year. Last year it was so bad they shortened the walk to get us out of the rain. This year I'm not only walking for my Aidster, I'm walking for all  of his friends: Caleb, Jillian, Katie, Matthew, Oliver, Everett, Colby, Aniah, Ethan, Emma, Nolan and so so so many more babies who are gone too soon.

Here is the link to my March for Babies team If you can't donate or not in the Indianapolis area to join the team, that's fine. Just leave a comment for who YOU are walking for. (Even if you aren't walking, I know you know someone that has lost a baby too soon and I would like to acknowledge those babies too.)

I love you Aidan Christopher and Lucas Alexander



  1. Marching in Hamilton County on 05/07 for Aidan, Gavin, and Oliver. So excited to be apart of something so important for such little ones.

  2. Were walking on 4/30 here in Cali in honor of McKenzie