Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1 appt down 24 to go

Nugget looked perfect today at my appointment. He was kicking the u/s wand the whole time and just being silly. The cord looks wonderful and so does my cervix. Nugget is a little porker, he weighs 15oz and his belly is still measuring a week ahead. In total he is measuring 4 days ahead, my belly however is measuring a week and a half ahead. It's weird because Aidan, until 28w, measured exactly and never ahead. It does help with the anxiety level, a lot actually. We didn't get very good pictures today, but that's because mr active, well very active. We did get a picture of his nose that is difficult to see, but when I saw the shot, I immediately saw Aidan. The first thing I saw before Aidan was taken up to the NICU was his button nose. So seeing Nugget's button nose was sweet, but sad at the same time.

I love you button nosed Aidan Christopher and mr active Nugget


  1. I am glad everything is going well. I think about you and Nugget (and of course Aidan) and pray for you often. Also, I never got a chance to thank you for lighting a candle for Ella!

  2. Awww! I'm glad he'll have a bit of Aidan to help you remember him, but it will definitely be bittersweet.

  3. What a relief that you passed this stage.. I bet you can whew just a little. I don't go for my anatomy scan until end of nov... Nervous is not the right word so it is good to hear PG after Loss GOOD STORIES.. Keep them coming.