Saturday, July 14, 2012

Aidan's Book Corner

I'm so excited for this. Aidan's home, Community North hospital is going to be the new home for Aidan's Book Corner (ABC program). We read to Aidan every time we went to visit him and thankfully my mother in law had a bunch of books, but not everyone has family close by. With the stress of recovery from childbirth and the stress of having a NICU baby, books aren't usually at the top of the list to have. Well this is where ABC comes in. I'm collecting donations of NEW children's books, such as board books or the Little Golden Books, to give to parents in the NICU. For those babies that don't survive, the book will be something else tangible that was for their baby. I know for me, my copy of Goodnight Moon is very important to me.

We passed a couple of GIANT hurdles, but still have a long way to go. I wouldn't be this far if it wasn't for my friend Susan (Bereavement coordinator/L&D nurse/superwoman) and I give her a lot of credit for this getting off the ground.

If you would like to donate and are local, you can e-mail me for more information: or if you would like to mail them, the address is:

Community Hospital North
Maternity Services
Open Arms
7150 Clearvista Dr
Indianapolis, IN  46256

I also have a facebook page  and I'll be posting updates on here too.

*Please remember that the books have to be new due to the nature of the NICU. Also parents will keep these books long after their baby's time in the NICU and we want them to have a nice book.*

Aidan Christopher, I hope you are proud of your momma. I'm doing this for you sweetheart because I never want anyone to forget you. I love you so incredibly much. 

Lucas Alexander, I hope you are proud of your momma too. I hope this will teach you to give back, to love someone you've never met and to never give up when faced with something highly tragic.


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